pic: 45 teaser pic 2

Teaser pic 2

Is that gum rubber I spot?

Liked 222’s wheels? :slight_smile:

Thats not any gum rubber I am familiar with.
Thos omni wheels must be adding up at 1.6 lb each and oh say 8 of them for your holonomic drive right?? :wink:
Plus the mounts for them and the encoders as posted previously.
Heh… the stock wheels alone weigh 12.8 pounds all in all.
Haha, looks great guys. I really do wanna know what the wierd material is though.
until #3

So is all that (sprocket, 2 omniwheels, and wheel) really on one shaft? Anyone have any clue how this could make sense?

Everything on a 45 bot seems to fit together seamlessly, so I’m guessing the 2 omnis are being used for drive, while the attached wheel with the unknown material will be used for some other function.

Doesn’t look like gum rubber, more like foam i think. Its got the holey texture if you look closely. Fresh Gum rubber is smoother than that… Not that i would know anything about the advantages of gum rubber, or how to impove upon it. :slight_smile:

I think somebody just stacked a couple of AndyMark trick wheels on each other then with an AndyMark wheel hub on top of them and a piece of TechnoKat paper hanging off a model building…


If that wheel is to scale (see building?) than I don’t think the robot will fit inside the box :ahh:
If it does fit than the wheel looks great :smiley:

Wayne Doenges
CAD Mentor