pic: 4513 Gear mech 1

Shown here is the gear mechanism itself from the inside, the metal plate on hinges will tilt back when the peg is inserted, eventually tripping a limit switch that will keep the robot from going any more forward. From there the ejection system will commence, moving the belt and the screw forward till it hits the limit switch in front of it, then coming back. These all run on window motors, so the speeds are the same.

Ok, so I’m intrigued but still a bit confused as to how it all works. Any chance you have a video of the mechanism running that you could share?

We do have gopro footage inside the bot. If you want more I can definitely record it today. there is also a video from the front which will show what happens with the gear itself.

We did a piece on you guys at Houston!

Here it is on our blog at www.roboticscompetition.news

Awesome robot, it was a pleasure doing an interview with you guys.