pic: 4536 CAD Render

This is a CAD render of team 4536’s robot for FIRST STEAMWORKS, Fracture. A reveal video demonstrating Fracture’s capabilities will be premiered on the FUN Robot Reveal stream. You can catch Fracture compete at the Iowa and 10,000 Lakes regionals.

This is our first year really using CAD to assist in the design of our robot, so the model is missing some details. My teammates and I would be happy to answer any questions you have about our design.

Are those omni wheels sticking out the bottom part of a rocking H-drive module a-la 148 in 2014? If so, what design/strategy considerations lead you to both mecanum and the H-drive?

The omni wheels aren’t powered. We only use them for encoders, because we figure that they’ll give more consistent readings than the mecanums.

What’s the FUN Robot Reveal stream? Is there a relevant link you could give me? Thanks, and your robot looks cool by the way!

I was referring to the FIRST Updates Now Premiere Night. Here is a link to a submission form that describes the event. There will probably be a post with more details about it in the coming week.

Ah I see, they’re perpendicular to each other. Thanks!

This is by far my favorite robot that I have helped to build this year.