Pic: 4576 RNR CAD

Finally finishing up rev. 3 of the robot design this year. (First year including a custom dual output WC gear box and custom WC Chassis.) Final should be done within the next couple days. Just have to add on bumper attachments and tweak a little things. So excited for this year! Plan on attacking all defenses, shooting high goal, and scaling the tower. See you at Little Rock and Smokey Mountain Regional.

Is the checkered black/white stuff carbon fiber?
Are the shooter and climber integrated as a single unit?

Looks pretty sweet. How do you plan to store enough air at high enough pressure to scale the tower with that honkin’ cylinder?

Yes that is correct on the carbon fiber. And yes the shooter and climber are integrated. When the shooter goes straight up when on platform it already got us half way up to the rung so we decided to add a 20" piston and the hooks. The piston closes and will lift the bumpers above low goal

We have done the math and we can put 5 black clippard accumulator tanks at 100psi and we will be perfectly fine to run the piston both in and out without needing any air. We also have an air compressor filling the accumulators on the bot.

I just checked your math at 120psi, and it looks like you’re good for exactly one pop- make sure you don’t miss the bar! At that point, is there even a reason to use an compressor, though? You won’t rebuild air nearly fast enough to be able to get enough pressure for a second actuation, and you can drop some weight if you don’t have it on-board.

You also can run the extension and contraction ports of the cylinder at different pressures. You probably only need any substantial force in one direction.

Have you considered extending a part of your shooting arm outside the frame perimeter to use as a manipulator? You could start the shooter in a vertical position to remain inside the frame perimeter during auton. I feel like an extension with a hook at the end would have a bunch of capabilities: opening Sally Port, lowering the Cheval the Frise, pulling the drawbridge down etc. What kind of gear ratio are you running to lift the arm? It looks like 2 cims in some pretty stacked versa planetaries.

I’m not quite understanding how the hook rotate up? It looks like the cylinder just pushes the end out and the hooks don’t have anything to pivot on…

It is a 40 to 1 with a cim. We plan on running the arm to the back of the bot to use as a manipulator on some of the defenses.

So the hooks will have a cable on the very front side (there is a small hole in the cad model) but on full extension of the cylinder will cause the hook to flip out because the cable will be just long enough to cause the book to spin on its attachment bolt.