pic: 4587 Flat 3 Mini CIM Gearbox (Cheesy Spoof)

As close to an exact copy of The Cheesy Poofs 2018 drive gearbox as I could get. Gear ratios and wheel diameter are the same.

For some reason the colors don’t seem to be the same? Maybe it’s my monitor rendering it poorly…

If you were looking to do an even more exact copy I believe there were some pics of the poofs layout sketches for the gearbox in their build blog.

I used them. The only thing different really is the lightening pattern I created.

Are you planning on using this somehow, or was it just a little CAD practice?

We will probably end up using it next season meaning I will release the cad here soon.

You really are quite good at this hahaa, have you tried or will you try the elevator?

Maybe for fun. Idk.

Are you sending the torque to 2 CIMs through one pinion? This may cause issues. Here is a thread where this cropped up.


Yes, but there is a bearing supporting the mini cim shaft that should reduce the stress on the shaft, same setup as the poofs 2018 gearbox.

We have ran an unsupported pinion double engaged for the past 3 seasons, with little issue. We used steel pinions this year and never had to replace them. We replaced the 2 40t gears in the first stages after two regionals and championship.

Good work Cooper.

Do you have a render made at a different angle? I am trying to figure out the small center plate plate with a bearing that appears to be in line with the shaft of the middle motor.

Do the three screws across the top go all the way through the stand-offs into one side of the end caps of each motor?

Was the center pinion an issue of wear or the Mini-CIM shaft bending? I looked around and most people have “gotten away” with no shaft bearing. I know this is a 254 contraption, but any ideas on the concept of the supported shaft?

Edit: I see this was already addressed above… sorry.

You posting the cad for this online?

Funny you made this, I had the same idea:


In it is also a tutorial on Fusion 360 how to CAD a Cheesy-Poof drive base (essentially stock WCD). I can upload the fusion 360 files if anyone wants them. Just let me know.

Also in that folder is a few pictures of the gearbox semi-manufactured. I ran out of money to buy gears, motors, etc (this was a personal project), but Team 341’s sponsor Penn State Great Valley was kind enough to let me use their water jet to make it. It was a bit of a trial and error getting the bearing holes the right size given the method of manufacturing, but in the end it worked great. Note that it’s a lot smaller than it seems. I have pretty average sized hands.

Wow, that’s a really in depth drivebase guide. Fantastic resource.

My only criticism of it would be not making the side bearing block cutouts more of a slot and using WCP Cams for tensioning. Also it looks like the center bearing block is not a gearbox bearing block but a side one? Is this what the poofs went with this year as well?

This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!