pic: 4587 Gearbox Prototype for 2019 with CAD

An updated version of the gearbox I posted an image of earlier this year. A little bit lighter and cleaner than the previous version. Included are two NEO motors and one Mini CIM as I feel it is a nice balance to continue using Talon SRX libraries while increasing drivetrain power and efficiency with the limited amount, we know about NEO motors at this point in time.

CAD Link:


I’m glad to see more of this. Your earlier post inspired me to make a “Cheesy Spoof” of my own, and I’m glad to say it came out extremely similar to yours. This side project of yours led to my epic journey through the rabbit hole of gearbox design, and I’ve learned a ton because of it. Thanks to you for the inspiration, and thanks to 254 for being kind enough to share that drawing of their gearbox that proved so fruitful. :smiley:

Not sure I understand your goal of including both MiniCIM and NEO… as long as you’re adding risk by adding the new controllers and motor architecture, why not “go all the way” to a 3x NEO drive?

Maybe you have a lot more faith than I do in the REV controller’s ability to effectively follow-mode a brushless NEO from a brushed controller TalonSRX out of the box? With the different physics for the two motor types, I will have very little confidence in this until its demonstrated to work, and definitely wouldn’t run it in comp before at least seeing someone else test & benchmark it. Preferably building it myself in offseason.

We also have definitely not taken full advantage of the Talon libraries yet, so if your drive codebase relies heavily on them that could be a major selling point for trying this…

inability to use NEOs + wheel encoders is the primary reason we are investigating this solution as well.

see this thread.

The main reason to do so is so we can use all of the TalonSRX code and plug a much better encoder into it out of the box. I don’t think mixing the two motor types will be that big of an issue either but I could be wrong. The good news about these motors though, if we don’t like how they perform together is it’s just two bolts per motor to switch them out which does not change the design of the gearbox…