pic: 4587 Jersey Voltage 2017 T.R.I. Configuration

4587 Jersey Voltage has been in the process of building a robot to compete with during the offseason. We have been hard at work and this will be the configuration we will likely run at TRI this weekend. By the time IRI comes around we anticipate having the second half of the robot complete (I will post an image of that configuration after TRI). In the meantime, have fun guessing what robot this resembles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hardly a guess. It resembles the St.Louis champs team 254 robot “Misfire”.


It would be beautiful to see a 40 lb gearbot running with 775pros just zipping around the court, going where it needs to, evading everything.

Gear intake reminds me of 5499.

Gear intake reminds me of the one JV had on reaper.

Currently, the robot weighs 65lbs. We hope the shooter won’t weigh more than 30lbs. The ball intake weighs 7lbs right now. We are geared for 5.50:1 with 4" wheels 2 mini CIM, 1 CIM. We hope to be pretty fast on the field. We will see how this weekend goes.