pic: 461 Stacks!

Who needs to stack internaly?! We stack em fast and we can still zip under the bar and have enough power to push stuff around.

This is a picture of our “Odd Stack” When we put a box that was sideways on a stack, I dont think anyone else in cleveland could do this, and this stack lasted the rest of the match too!

Cobra Action!

See i told you guys it could be done!

See everyone in chicago!

nice, and far from common but not the most impresive … but we did that the first weekend at sacramento for a stack of 3 durring one match.

*Originally posted by Greg Powers *
**nice, and far from common but not the most impresive … but we did that the first weekend at sacramento for a stack of 3 durring one match. **
And if the stack didn’t stay, it was my fault. =P

stackers unite or something!!

(Just call me CerialKiller)

^— Sorry bought the horribly cheesy movie references:)

unite all you want we’ll just keep knocking those stacks down.:cool:

our robot stacks like that too…and it has acouple extra advantages. We’re able to make a stack of 2 in about 5-10 seconds, and we can make alot of them (if it were to get knocked down)

Speed is the best advantage we have.

We dont need no stinking ramp till the end of the match, we just zip under the bar, and our arm is REALLY fast, and the gripper is super fast too cuz its pneumatic powered.

We came to a junction half way through cleveland were we had to decide if we were goign to stick out the stacking and keep doing it or just go with flow and become a bulldozer and we stuck with stacking and are very pleased with that decision…

Its not picture but we have detachable protector arms that we can put on for finals and things like that when we just need to sit and protect.

Stacking is deffinetly the way to go. Need an example of a stacker that works? Here ya go:

go go green robot:)

Hooray for stacking…Let’s show ‘em that the stack is where it’s at. Keep on stackin’, until the motors burn out and the drivers say that they can’t take anymore…then put one more box for good measure.

Have fun and good luck on your season

right on!

Our team even made a cheer for stacking!

Look out for it in chicago!



that movie is cool
i think i may watch it later!

hehe, well LOLA my teams stacker bot is competing tomorrow. We’ve been working hard on the code to make stacking easy. So hopefully we will be able to stack quickly and well. we have some nice advantages which a lot of other robots didn’t have. A cavity to protect our stack, and a flexible(it can pick up and use boxes on most sides) arm. We have a maximum hieght of 6 high for top stacking. Also we have a vector drive to line up the grabbing of boxes quickly and to use our arm as a giant wing. :smiley: I can’t weight to see our robot in competition.

I thought it was called stack attack… but at the BAE regional only 2 robots stacked…

stack- noun
1 : a large usually conical pile (as of hay, straw, or grain in the sheaf) left standing in the field for storage

stack- verb
1 a : to arrange in a stack

Anyone see Royal Assault stack in Match 98 of the qualifying rounds…unfortunately…it wasnt able to be unloaded…

For anyone that needs proof that stacking is important…

Check this out: http://www.soap108.com/2003/scouting/first/bigview.cfm?event=15&match=84

In this match we went out there with baxter… we ended up getting most of the wall on our side of the field but one our big stack got knocked and we lost some boxes…luckily being a stacker our team was able to put a box back on top, with another box in the way even…and we scored 220 point, which at that point was the high score for the day…

Woo baxter wooo stacking woo robots!!!

Watch match 84 from chicago to see the match.

Hey! 537 stacks too! We almost made that stack of three at Chicago, but some came and rammed the stack of 2 we were about to put the third box on…so close to making Balint do 81 pushups!