pic: 461 teaser

Our team’s welded and bare frame. Weight: somewhere between 9 and 10 pounds!

looks rigid.
who did the welding?

Very nice. How much does it weigh? My guess is 18.3 lbs.

Sorry I didn’t read the description. Brandon, can we get the descriptions on the discussion post?

The caption says between 9 and 10 pounds.

That’s quite light. The welding looks excellent. Are the slots for chain tensioning?

The thread descriptiopn says between 9 and 10 pounds…

Very nice frame. judging by it you have wedge sides. Also with the slots in the frame you’re going to have 4WD, slots will act as chain tensioners. great welding job. Can’t wait to see the final product

Nice job, looks like a fall over model. You may need trick wheels on one end to turn, unless tread with lower center is in the works. Will have to wait and see.

The Purdue Machine Shop did the welding for us. The slots are where the pillow blocks for the wheels will mount. I do not know what the current design plan is as far as 4wd or 2wd with a set of omnis.

Looks like they missed a spot on the lower right corner (of the picture)

Or was that supposted to be left open?

You are correct. It is like that on all 4 corners of the frame…why, I’m not sure. I assumed it had something to do with how they welded it but i dont know.

Central Machine Shop is great. I haven’t gotten the bill yet, but I was quoted at $150. Totally worth it in my opinion, those welds are beautiful. I’m taking our OI control box over there eventually to be welded as well.


not much of a teaser.

now we just need to post a pic of jeff’s new table XD