pic: 461 - Westside Boiler Invasion Caps!


Here’s a quick picture of 461 capping a goal at the Midwest Regional. I realized we didn’t have a single picture of our robot here on CD. How sad!!


This is a darn good robot. They are quick with a 2x ball and good at collecting up those purple kickballs. They have had some tough luck at both the GLR and Midwest Regionals, but these guys are a darkhorse to win in Atlanta.

Go Westside Boiler Invasion!!

a fan,
Andy B.

Hey your team knows your stuff so i will take your word for it. And your robot helped us alot in the finals thanks a lot.

Darn tootin!
We were watching these guys all weekend in Chicago over the webcast.
It seems like (another) strong contender that just couldn’t catch a break.

Amazing play every match.

Can’t wait to see you guys in Atlanta.


Thanks! Can’t wait to see Clarkston’s Machine in Atlanta, im Matt’s roomie by the way John.

You guys had an awseome robot…hence the reason we picked you for our alliance…and almost beating wildstang and rush!!!

almost … hehe, yea 461 is a pretty nice robot and will definitly be a tough opponent in Atlanta. Ill be looking forward to watching you guys.

Hey…we can be proud for almost :slight_smile: …especially when it was decided by a penalty.

Thanks man, we had some tough breaks when we played with you guys in Ypsi.

234 had to play hard D against 461 to edge out a win. if i’m not mistaken…we unplugged a drive system during the match on their bot that added to our cause. good bot guys!

Our bot actually fit quite nicely in the front of yours :wink: Hmm… can anyone say, Transformers? :]

But seriously, you guys are awesome - I hope your team and your robot goes nuts into the finals :slight_smile:

Oh man…dont remind me. That was a rough match on our poor little robot. :smiley: Your tracks and our wires did’t get along real well

That was a pretty stressful and frustrating point in the day for us. Luckily, it turned out to be minor damage and it was a relatively short lived moment. Needless to say, we quickly got over it and even had some fun with it by taping a “Robot Entrance” sign to the front of our bot for a few matches. At least we could always count on Cyber Blue for an exciting, action-packed match! Despite the stress, your bot was certainly fun to watch.

P.S. Congratulations on the Chairman’s Award! When it comes to the Chairman’s Award in Evanston, I’m sure we were a tough act to follow :wink: Best of luck to you and your wild and crazy robot in Atlanta.