pic: 4613 Offseason Minibot #1

The Barker Redbacks first offseason project, a minibot built over the past few months for the Australian Duel Down Under Offseason competition.

Without bumpers the robot is approximately 19x16x15" and 32lb.

Please keep all questions/discussion in this thread.

Can we get a pic next to a banana for scale? Or maybe a koala? :wink:


Is there any video of this on the field with other robots?

Aw, what a cute little robot. :stuck_out_tongue:

The competition was livestreamed and the footage is available here:

Day 1( Practice)

Day 2( Quals)

Day 3( Quals+Elims)

Here is some footage of the robot in action, listen to the great commentary if you can!

Day 3 1:12 in (thanks Matthew)

Day 3 2:36 in

It looks really fun to drive! How fast does it go?

It’s so small, how does it even fit a control system?

Drivetrain Specs:

-Single CIM per side( 2 total)

-12:40 reduction

-3.5" Colsons wheels(4)

-9mm belt to outer wheels

-Geared for 25fps



Well with difficulty the pdp is underneath the battery mount. The motor controllers are sort of spread wherever there was room so mostly next to the pdp on the left and right (there only needs to be five) the VRM fits on top of one of the drive tubes along with the radio. The roborio was then strapped on top of the battery in a protective case we had made for our comp bot. of course there was no room for pneumatics so we didnt have to worry about them.

Sorry for the low quality.

How many times did your drivers lose it in traffic during elims?


Holy $@#$@#$@#$@#, I thought our 58lbs 24x24 was a little bit nuts. This is sooo coool!

Sneaky boy

What a cool off-season project! You really need to watch the match to see just how small it is, fantastic.

I think my new favorite thing is watching it zip across the field at 2x speed. That and watching it climb.

I want five of these for a tiny robot army.

Copy Cats >_>

What was that Devin? hmm? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I love that this robot exists and think you should ship it up to Chezy Champs, and by ship it, I mean carry on luggage)


But that was your Season robot. But I do like this bot. Great learning experience in Engineering.