pic: 461's Drivetrain: Dubbed "Fish & Chips"

I thought you guys might be interested in this…I haven’t been posting for a while but I thought I’d make an exceptions.

Let us know what you think!

I still giggle about that name though.

not as cool as a 8 chip drive, but it’ll do…

Someday our dream will come true baj, i promise:)

Does it shift? If so, can we get a picture of that?

We figured that it didn’t need to shift because it already exerts the maximum force that any FIRST drivetrain can…we just figured we should add the fish so we can go faster. We haven’t done speed/acceleration tests with the fishes running but with just the chips and the ratio it goes 50 feet in 6.3 seconds from a dead stop. I’m guessing that time will be cut down with the fishes because of the approximately 20-30% extra power the fish gives.

Very nice and clean drivetrain there.

Now we have to work on your puns. :smiley:

Gotta love the 6-motor drive!
461 looking great as always. You guys are definitely my favorite college FIRST team. :wink: Can’t wait to see it up close and personal at Boilermaker. (With all that regional work, how did you guys find time to build a robot?)

Good Luck,

Thanks…about that regional work thing…

Boilermaker is during Purdue’s spring break so us poor advisors have our break reduced greatly…which is kinda sad…but I’m absolutely certain that it will be loads of fun.

It’s Clarkson’s Spring Break too… but for some reason I’m still dragging my butt down to Indiana.
To see the best FIRST has to offer compete against each other? Naaahhh – that can’t be the reason.

Though, I guess West Lafayette is “tropical” compared to Potsdam!

If you call corn “palm trees”, then tropical we are!

It looks to be a great regional. I love our drive train.

This picture was taken by David Collins, a member of our team, mmmm skid marks on the nice tile floor:)

And as far as tropical goes, all i have to say is…
Tropical in the way the weather is completely unpredictable or tropical in the large amount of percipitation kind of way?



Well I don’t know if you stole the Fish and Chips off my signature? :rolleyes:

Ahh It is ok if you did, but it would be even better if you came up with that on your own too!

I do not know if anyone noticed, but months before kickoff I had this in my signature:

Fish and Chips it is.

We were going to make a 2 motor gearbox with the Fisher Price and the CIMs, but luckily we didn’t.

Who knows what would have happened with the 6 volt mix up if we would have… (It is too scary for me to think about)

Nice tranny

Yeah, we got lucky this time. If we hadn’t used the updated torque-speed data for the motor at reduced power, we could have had ourselves quite a mess and/or waste of time.

As for the name, most likely someone on our team saw it on CD somewhere along the line. Maybe we’ll call ours the Fish and extra Chips drivetrain since this is a six motor version with an extra side of chips.

I don’t recall ever seeing your signature but we’d be happy to give you credit for the the name as well–I thought it was an independant think up of the name. Interestingly enough we are running the motors at 9.6 volts and they are holding up alright–they get hot after 10 minutes or so of consistent running but i’m pretty sure they’ll be alright. If not, well, we’ll be ready with calculator and last year’s fishes in hand so we can adjust the voltage for those to fit with the gearing.

I like how the FP is integrated into a later stage of the box and does not need something like a planetary to reduce it. Also, I like how everything is between only two plates. This is a very nice gearbox. In some ways similar to ours.

those skid marks look suspiciously familiar…are you running some AM omni-wheels on your bot? and if not, what kind of wheels (or treads, etc.) leave those kind of marks…

Oh man, you caught us. Yeah, we’re running AndyMark Omni’s…that was before we lubed them up with some nice silicone spray…after we did that it definitely was a lot better.

Well since you really do have Fish and Chips you can have the name! :wink:

We just have a chip.