pic: 4639 compact double climb

Here’s a good resolution photo of how our climber works with partners to get double climb fairly easily. I’m actually supprised I didn’t see more teams go in this direction. Basically we have a simple arm that was inspired by 4587’s ri3d team that flips our big hook onto the bar, it then pulls out of its surgical tubing restraint and we have a few feet of slack in the rope so we just move to the side and allow our partners basically the entire bar to climb with except for about 1.5" that our hook takes up. We pulled off the double climb on all but one attempt at two regionals, and we’re the only team to do it at both events. Because our robot is so small, we can fit in with full size robots. From a side view of this our robot is almost not visible.

If anyone wants information about our winch setup I can post pics, it’s pretty simple.

Photo credit: Bill from 4063