pic: 4639 Final Bot Teaser

Teaser of the competition robot. Sick blue and orange paint job.

It looks well built folks, nice work. I have a question that might only be related to the perspective of the photographer. It looks like you are using 6" wheels, and that there is a gap between the top of the wheels and the bottom of the frame perimeter. If that gap is equal to or exceeds 1", your robot won’t be able to attach bumpers to the perimeter without violating R23 and/or R31. Am I correct that the gap is less than 1"? Thanks for posting. Good luck in competition!

Are the omni and other wheels all chained together, 2 CIMs per side? What are the advantages to that? I imagine the lower friction on the omni wheels discards the need for a drop center; can it straif with the friction of the other two on each side?

I don’t see why it would violate those rules?
I’ll check when I get back to the steam center.

All the wheels are powered. The Omni’s are just to make it turn faster. The robot has a 20fps high gear.