pic: 4639 Robospartans Reveal

Our 2017 SteamWorks robot “The Blue Swede”

Competing at Lone Star central and Alamo
Video. https://youtu.be/aqc59x0Q80Y

Check the YouTube channel for more videos and description of our setup

Is it just me, or does that YouTube link go to 108’s video?

Oops your are right. I’m fixing it now

I like it a lot! Very solid intake. How are those 4" AndyMark compliant wheels you’re using in your shooter holding up? Just curious, as we were considering them at one point.

We are using 4 of the 4" blue AM compliant wheels. The balls actually only touch the center two wheels and they seems to holding up pretty good so far.

If you look through my YouTube channel you can how the shooter is setup. It’s pretty accurate.