pic: 469 Bus Ride - Impressionist Photo Challenge

On the way back from Atlanta, we became a tad bit bored of just sitting around on the bus, so we started taking random pictures, and we happened to snap a humorous shot of our human player, Melonie. (center) After that, some people began to imitate her expression, so I took photos of that, and then challenged everyone else on the bus to see who would come the closest to imitating Melonie.

The Challenge:
Take a picture of yourself or your team members trying to do the best impersonation of Melonie! This could become an interesting collage…


What do you get when you put a tired 830, 469, and 1549 on a 12-hour bus ride back home?

The Melonie Bunch! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nice collage, Alex)

that was a long bus ride back up here… I’d glad I slept through it (and our driver made it back in only 11 hours or so)
poor Melonie though! :slight_smile:

Bottom right, i tried. I think so far the winner might very well be our very own Don Wright (row 4 column 2)… Sweet collage.

I would call the bus company - I think that bus had a exhaust leak into the passenger compartment! :ahh:

Hey, those people seem excited…

This compares nothing to 1503’s 22 hour bus ride home from Atlanta, our bus was having trouble. We would stop every or two hour for about 20-30 minutes because the bus needed to “cool” down, but overall we had a great time with Team 1114 and 188 who were on our bus.

That was SOOO much fun! even though the joke was on me, I know you guys were laughing WITH me, not at me…ahem…right? lol. either way, it was an awesome bus ride. cant wait till IRI! :yikes: <—that is an awesome smiley! hehe