pic: 469 Electrical Board

I wanted to do something fun this year to make our electrical board fun and exciting and unique… So, we made it out of a tennis racket. It’s very light, cheap, and has a grid that is easy to attach components and wires to… Just zip tie everything down…

I just wanted to share because the electrical team students did an awesome job on it (even if I did make them redo it 3 times)…

I LOVE the unique usage of a common object. The kids who wired this up SERVED UP AN ACE of a job. I see no FAULTS in their work, as this is a SMASHing success that will NET excellent results during MATCH PLAY. This sort of FOLLOW THROUGH will surely give 469 an ADVANTAGE.

Andy B.

Thanks, Andy. I didn’t see it until I read your response. Great job guys!

This is definitely an idea worthy of a creativity award! Great thinking out of the box, 469!


Tennis Much? :slight_smile:

The racquet idea is very unique. Nice job.

All I ahve to say is that Im glad that there are girls and women in FIRST, without them, it wouldn’t hae looked so good. Thanks to the girls wo spent many hours making it look neat and very well organized.:smiley:

I love the racket, very light and very strong, nice job, good luck guys

469 electronic panels never cease to amaze me. That is a great way to find a use for titanium under the cost requirements.

469 proves to the world that robotics IS a sport!

Wow I never noticed it to be like tht, thanks for pointing it out:D

When I clicked on this thread, I knew going in that I was in for something good.

But this was even better than I hoped!

I’d like to point out that the student who did that is a freshmen, new to the world of electronics and robotics. She stayed all night at our workplace to rewire that thing for the third time on the night from saturday to sunday before ship.

The idea itself comes from Don, one of our mentor, who randomly came to our workshop with two tennis racket some day and his particular look that tells us he just had yet another fun and functional idea.

Congrats to Lucy and Don :wink: