pic: 469 Gripper

Time to reveal the secret mechanism hidden behind the screening: 469’s Gripper. Two servos power it; one to pivot the beam in and out of the shell, and another to raise and lower the fingers. When the shell rests on top of tetras, the beam pivots inward and simultaneously the fingers are lowered. When the arm lifts up the tetras are picked up by their apex, and the moving parts are in a neutral state- gravity keeps the beam and fingers where they need to be. Once lowered onto a goal, our robot or other object, force is removed from the gripper and the parts are free to retract into the shell, leaving a flush surface to slide the gripper off. And yes, it does grab three tetras at a time.

Winner of the:

  • 2005 Detroit Xerox Creativity Award
  • Oaktown Crewz (1188) Innovative Design Award @ Detroit
  • Killer Bees (33) Creative Design Award @ Detroit

(So far…)

As usual…I predict 469 to be right there in the end at the championship event. You always have incredible designs. Hope things go well for you guys the rest of the season. Looking forward to the bus ride in April…

I hope we get a bus with a PA system again!!

I definitely like the way the arm is designed - does grabbing 3 tetras work all the time or it only works part time. Either way that one sweet looking arm. G/L in your regionals and nationals.

very nice, looks a bit like 188’s but it can do 3. gj guys

what are the corners/connecting rods made of?

thats wicked cool… I love the design… i take it the human player loads them onto the robot?

they use the auto load sometimes, but it seems they dig the HP more, if GLR was any clue…

WOW!!! what is the gribber made of??? :confused: :confused:

yeah it does look alot like woburn’s gripper. but of course you have that cool black material on yours and woburns got the neat claws :slight_smile:

and the thing isn’t tipsy? wow nice nice

The human player runs out on the robot and sets one on. They back out, pull back in, and get another. Yes, the 3 tetras works consistantly. I think its a very good design in my opinion.