pic: 4719 'The Alberta Arm'

Team #4719 “Bulldog’s” robot with arms in the high position, prepping to throw a ball at the 2014 Western Canada Regionals.

We named it “The Alberta Arm” but we also nicknamed it ‘Jerry’ because we Jerry-rigged the crap out of everything.

Accidentally started a new thread but I think some people were looking for our team photos as well.

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Teh hat redeems us! Look at that hat.

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The Hat delivers us!

I love this arm- it may look odd but the way you guys grab the ball out of the air during inbounding is a thrill to watch- I’ll never get tired of it!

Take note kids: Solid inbounder, trusser and shooter


We’ve been practicing like crazy with truss shot to human player. We fried our winch motor after two hours of non stop practice. It was so hot one can fried an egg with the motor. Before that we fried one of the wire to the motor. Never seen wiring fail before a motor fail.
Will see you guys on wednesday.

The Albertarm: one of the thirteen components of the Canadarm.

Haha, we wish :stuck_out_tongue:

We actually wanted to name it the ‘Canadarm’ at first since it flowed so much better than ‘Albertarm’ or ‘Alberta Arm’.

Then we did a quick little Google and found out some stupid small-time company took the name before us. I forget what they were called… Canadian Space Agency or NASA or something like that? idk. Kinda dumb.