pic: 48, 2826, 269 - 2012 Wisconsin Regional Champions

Without a doubt, the most awesome winning alliance we’ve ever been a part of. This truly was an “elite” alliance because all strategies were clearly communicated, everyone knew their role, and all executed their part of the plan with efficiency and skill, leading to very high performance on the field. I couldn’t be prouder of this crew and the support staff behind the scenes keeping the bots running.

It was awesome to play against you guys in the finals.

Thanks for making Wisconsin so memorable this year!

Credit for that can go to the entire group of competing teams - this was probably one of the more competitive events of the year. Plenty of exciting, high-scoring, and close matches in the elimination rounds.

See that robot/team on the right in the pic above? They are going to ball in St. Louis. Just sayin’. :slight_smile: See that robot/team on the left? They are outstanding in all support roles - AND they use the Kinect with success. That one in the center? Eh.

Thanks to Wisconsin Regional webcast provider, 5NINES (www.5nines.com), I’ve gotten a hold of the actual Saturday webcast feed video, and have posted some new videos of the above alliance’s elimination round matches.

Talk about a gauntlet - great job by all opponents!

QF 3-1: http://youtu.be/GuuqeLEj9CU (65-42)

QF 3-2: http://youtu.be/ECwkt_f70Os (70-15)

SF 2-1: http://youtu.be/GKm4k5WPA1o (59-54)

SF 2-2: http://youtu.be/mm711rUSgSo (57-76) <–How did we almost win this match? Awesome 3 vs. 2 showing!

SF 2-3: http://youtu.be/2QP7GjpkdvE (86-63)

F-1: http://youtu.be/1gLCC0rsDcQ (98-77)

F-2: http://youtu.be/TaICArwSUOE (98-58)

Once again, congrats guys! That was one hell of an amazing showing in the finals putting the back-to-back 98s on the board against us. We’re studying that brilliant ball control strategy to a T for Queen City this weekend. If you’re looking to replicate that performance, we’ll be more than happy to do our best Wave impression for you. :wink:


I think there will be numerous teams at Cincy attempting to demonstrate their “best Wave impressions”…including us! :slight_smile: I think the elimination rounds are going to be very exciting - teams are going to bring their “A” games.

I’m really glad you guys signed up - another very high quality team joining the fray in Queen City. I can’t wait to get started! Good luck to all!