pic: 48 Controls Box

Behold the three-wheeled Trans Am!

I love the military toggle… I’ve been meaning to get one of those, but the cheapest I’ve found 'em for is about 8, 10 bucks - which in my mind is a ripoff for an extra piece of red plastic. Where did you guys get that?

:: thinks he’s in love ::

Wish I knew your supplier - we got ours at Summit Racing for $14. It’s built well, though.


A lot of case mod sites have 'em… I can’t find the place I saw it for 8 bucks, but Directron has 'em for 11:

That’s incredible. Really, really incredible.

lol, now if some robots could be that awesome looking :wink: lol

p.s. that was meant to be a joke, dont take it litterally

Heh, that reminds me of the lexan control box we made for the 2002 season. It wasn’t fun trying to get that thing on an airplane, let me tell you.

Is that the Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am? I feel old, I remember when that movie came out! :stuck_out_tongue:
The gray cable duct was a great idea. We use the same stuff at work and it’s great for keeping it neat and it’s also quick to add or change stuff in it by just snapping the cover (top) off.

That would be it. Our student controls team captain is a big fan of late 70’s Trans Am’s. Why, I don’t know. That’s our Paco.

uhh…nice, I like the folding into a box part…only one question … why did you choose to put the right-handed joystick that came in the kit this year in the operator’s left hand?

The new kit joystick is the copilot joystick, which will fit in his/her right hand. The copilot’s left hand will operate the button box. The pilot has control of the two old-school joysticks on the right.

How’s the band going? Probably on hold (at least for you) while you guys build your latest masterpiece.

Best of luck this year.