pic: 48 lifts 222 and 1038 in Pitt

A 45 point lift in the quarter finals in Pittsburgh

Where is the second platform on 48’s robot? seems like there were two plaforms, but now theres only one. Looks like it cost you 15 points that time.

At any rate, nice teamwork

One step at a time, my friend. We had to remove all the ramps and take them to the machine shop for a date with a metal brake. We didn’t have enough time to put them all back on at the event. The additional platform section will be restored for Buckeye.

We here on 48 never have time to test the full functionality of all our robot systems before they ship! When we think of “debug time”, we start with “skip all your practice matches at your first regional” and proceed from there. Sigh…:rolleyes:

Its good to hear that teams liek 48 are assembling on thursday, too. Our ramps and platforms both never made it on to the bot, expect to see them on in full force at WMR. Ours was more due to a inspection discrepancy, but im not going to “complain”, especially since it might give the inspectors at WMR some tricky ideas.

Notice how clear of game pieces the field is in this picture? The blue ringers appear to be untouched. That is because 48 and 222 played awesome defense and did not allow the blue alliance robots into our end of the field.

These guys were great to work with, we really had fun!

if anyone paid attention to us in pittsburgh they would have noticed a slow increase in functionality, we didn’t deploy our ramp the first time in a match until saturday morning. Might I add that it was quite difficult to pull that off with a near constant state of queue due to it being such a small regional.

Nice to bad yinz didnt win!! i was hoping ur alliance was goin to win!!

I’ve been meaning to say that I really liked 1038’s coordinating bumpers. Red when they were on the red alliance, blue for the blue alliance. (and a little of both during the elims.)

Changing the bumpers proved to be a trick between quick matches, hence the 2 blue / 2 red during the eliminations. Thanks for the compliment, I was wondering if anyone would notice the bumpers change…

That current design with the ramp is our design too. Go to our website to see a video of our ramp design.

Our Adult Team Leader told us he would like to see us run red and blue bumpers before he left for a field trip to Germany the last week of the biuld season. When he came back we had made them. He was jokingwith us, but we went ahead and made them.

I don’t want to go off topic, but does anyone think red and blue bumpers could be a replacement for the useless and hard to see flags/flag holders?

All I know is that it was VERY easy to tell which alliance 1038 was on during the qualifying. Bumpers are ALWAYS going to be visible on the robot.

Instead of requiring teams to have 2 full sets of blue and red bumpers, why not have some kind of red/blue velcro Cordura Plus patch that would be applied to all four sides of the bumper area? If FIRST didn’t want to require bumpers for all teams, then they could at least require each team to set aside space in their bumper zones to display the alliance color. All it would require of teams is a little Velcro. These are lighter than the flag holders and wouldn’t get in the way.

You just look for the color of the ringers on the top row to figure out which side we were on???:smiley:

On a more serious note, I agree with this idea. Look at the number of 'bots that were eliminated from scoring in the match when a ringer ended up on thier flag stick, we were scared to death of that happening to us! In my opinion, that condition should not count as “has posession of the tube” because you will need to hide the flag somewhere to minimize the chance of being rung, hence making the flag less visible which is contraditory to the intent of the flag… Bumpers makes sense.

My .02

Please continue all bumpers as flag replacements discussions in the following thread: