pic: 4901 won't run out of air this season. That's for sure.

Inspection will be fun, you get to wait around for the compressor to refill the tank…

Sounds like a neat robot, hopefully we’ll see some video soon!

Well done! Tongue in cheek is sorely lacking not only in today’s world, but also in FRC

Our team went with an airless robot design. (No compressor or air tanks) early prototypes had pneumatics, but they were voted out.

we may use this as mass air storage for a t-shirt cannon. Could you explain how you set it up :wink:

Thanks - Sam

The air tank comes with a bronze output fitting. That fitting has two outputs on it one 1/4 NPT port and one 1/8 NPT port where the gauge is normally. We simply plugged the 1/4 NPT output and then put a fitting into the 1/8 NPT output to allow for use with the pneumatic tubing allowed within the rules.

Funny enough. We now use a 7 Gallon Aluminum air tank on our bot.

Alright thanks