pic: 4918 Ready to Rock

FRC Team 4918 “The Roboctopi” presents Buster, our rookie year robot for this year’s game, “Aerial Assist”.

Capabilities as of 2/18/14 include:

Simple High Goal Autonomous
Short range High Goal shots
Low Goal shots from the white line
Low Goal shots from the front of the low goal
White line to white line Truss shots
Short pass capabilities both front and back

Drive base:

6WD AM14U Kit Chassis, long configuration with drop center wheel
6x VexPro 4.0" Versawheels (Yes, we have spares)
VexPro 2 CIM Ball shifters geared at 6.60:1 and 15.00:1 (2.27x spread)


2x 1.125 Bore 10.0 Stroke cylinders (gravity return instead of air return for higher exhaust flow).
VexPro Versaframe construction (Good grief, that 1x1 tubing is LIGHT) reinforced with strategic gusseting
Multiple shot modes using solenoid pulsing
Catapult weight ~10 lbs with upper frame assembly

Ball loader (Nicknamed “The Hyneman”, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjQhLI5mT_o):

PVC construction for easy replacement at competitions
Surprisingly resilient despite best efforts of the drive team in practice
Easily clears bumpers
Loads on the run at multiple speeds
Entire assembly can be replaced in 5 minutes or less
Extension length <20"
When fully retracted, compresses ball onto the robot for snug fit
Loader weight ~1.9 lbs

Final Robot Weight: ~75 lbs.


I hope I’m wrong, but it looks too wide, for a long configuration bot.

Does it fit inside the 112" perimeter?

To do an AM14U in long configuration you needed to cut the churro tubes and the endplates down by ~4" IIRC.

Awesome looking robot. This looks like an example of using resources well and executing on a clear strategy. I would love to have a robot like this on my alliance.

The PVC intake is a great idea, we thought a lot about what we stick past the bumpers as well.

Great Job.

The picture is taken from a somewhat illusory perspective. I believe we are hovering around 111" for frame perimeter. Part of the reason for the battery mount being where it is is that there is maybe an inch of clearance between the ball shifters in long config.