pic: 494 Completed Robot

Here it is. Completed. Let me know if i should post a side picture
6 motor drive: 2 FP, 4 CIM
10 motors overall. :smiley:

Another amazing machine turned out by the martians. Of course another sick DT, 2 FP AND 2 CIM, completely nuts. That arm looks pretty sick too, especially with 4 more motors mounted somewhere on that machine. Kudos to you 494, I’ll be keeping my eyes on you guys this year!

Another beast cranked out by the Martians, dont be suprised if you see them on Einstein for the third year in a row. Great job guys looking foward to seeing you at nats.

Nice… The arm looks amazing :slight_smile:

How fast does it go this year?

great looking bot 494
From all of us at 1466 good luck~ see you back at peachtree next year =)

i dont remember the number we came up with but i believe we got an average of 11 ft/sec from a complete stop. our carpet isnt fastened down either, so it slides under us when we gun it from a standstill as well.

thanks for all the compliments! :slight_smile:

Looks like another winning bot! I look forward to seeing you guys again this year. Maybe this year we’ll make it all the way together! By the way that looks like a Metal in Motion tee shirt on the guy in the background!

Good eyes that is a MIM tee shirt I am wearing. I hope we can team up this year. I saw the picture of your robot, it looks like another winner. Good luck to your team

You guys always amaze me…great looking maching…we would like to see more MIM tee shirts on you guys…I’ll bring some to Nats. Hope we have the chance to play together again…always fun and exciting. We are reserving you a space in Palmetto next year…got 25 down…you guys are next. Good luck to your team. :yikes: