pic: 498: A robot and some parts

Team 498’s robot as of yesterday, not too bad off as we have some of our other mechanisms mostly constructed, just not attached yet.

There’s also a few parts sitting there that we might be using this year…

What are those ramp pieces made of? Could you tell us a little about where you got them, how much they weigh, etc.?

yo those aren’t ramp pieces they are just plastic shelves
we have thousands of those thing in our machine shop
i heard you can buy those at home depot or something like that

although it would be cool to see a robot use those as ramps because they are pretty light weight.

actually, we are using those as our ramp we still have some details to work out on them but that is the material we are using

Indeed, these are just plastic shelves we picked up at Home Depot. They weigh in at slightly under 5 lbs. each, but can handle a load greater than 750 lbs. Why design a load supporting system when you can find one?

Currently we’ve cut out the middle section of them on one side, and we’re going to be adding material over the top to better distribute the force and get better traction. Just trying to use them as is causes all of the plastic cross supports to get snapped off.

And our revamping ideas and massive overhaul of the robot means these cool shelving pieces have been scrapped as a ramp idea, just for an update. Sorry for crushing your hopes to see them actually used.