pic: 498's Aircraft Carrier

This is an animation rendering of what 498’s design for this year will look like. It’s missing some rather important things (like chain), but it’s meant just for a visual example so it will do.

This is the starting position of our robot, with our “aircraft carrier” pads folded up and our arm in its starting position. We start out in the 4 foot 120 lb weight class.

The concept looks sort of familiar :slight_smile:

I’m curious to know how your autonomous programming team likes the possibilities for storing a keeper in “folded up” mode? Looks like it offers them some interesting challenges!

Very nice design, I’m assuming you plan on lifting 2 bots, and out of curiosity, how do you plan on lifting the “wings” up enough (4" or 12"), I also noticed the support legs on the wings, overall nice design

We aren’t sure yet how we will handle starting with the keeper, because as you’ve noticed it won’t fit in between our ramps when they are up like this. We think we might have enough room to put the claw right at the edge of the robot, then have the keeper in the claw and stick out beyond the frame. The other option is to put our arm up high enough, and rotate the claw up, so that the keeper sticks out the top.

The wings will just drop down on the sides. One side will drop to 13" high with the support legs; as for the ramp we’re considering lifting it up with a pneumatic if we have the weight (which is highly questionable).

very nice. . .

one thing, if you are using the struts on the ramp as leavers to lift the ramp up . . you may want to do some physics to figure out where the best place to put them. . cause its not at the edge.

ohh I see there is no lifting just a passive table . . . very cool

any way great design and good luck.

Is your team using the IFI kit transmission from previous years ?

Great design, we also came up with the one ramp to platform idea, but it seems too narrow to fit another robot with bumpers across the middle of the robot with our arm design. Your arm seems quite compact, great job !

No, those are just a rendering of the old transmission I made and I didn’t take the time to change them to the new ones. We’re using this year’s kit trannys.

We’ve got to give a partner robot 31" with bumpers of our top, which is part of the reason our arm is so far back. Hopefully it works!

Wow, this is almost exactly what a friend of mine and I designed as a prototype, right down to the drafting machine type arm.

I’ll be curious to see how y’all do.

I’m thinking that those are extensions of the ramps that fold out to be in-line with the ramps, to reduce the angle of attack.