pic: 52 down, 48 to go!!

I think we are addicted to Red Camo!! Here is our stash of 52 home made orbit balls (thanks again to 228!), only 48 more to go!

It’s an explosion of color.

Those black ones look sick…

wow, the white maroon and black ones are exactly our school colors, Me like!!!

Wow, I am impressed!

52 Orbit balls and you’re still thanking us. :smiley:

Kim, you obviously have a great crew up there. I’m sure your scrimmage will be a spectacular event.

See you in Atlanta.

Yeah, Im a big proponent for giving credit where credit is due, and sometimes I think because the FIRST community is so open and sharing, people forget to give credit for others ideas. You guys made it incredibly easy for us, and came out with the designs early enough that we could actually take the time to make the rest of the orbit balls we need. I will be honest, there was about a day where I was thinking we were going to have to cancel our scrimmage because we just wouldnt have anywhere near enough balls to run it. But FIRST teams always find a way, so of course you still deserve thanks!

And our team is so addicted to our colors and covering anything and everything in red camo that they can… bumpers, crate, pit, painting faces, hair & even bodies…Its really become crazy! The second we saw the “make your own orbit balls” we knew we were going to have to camo them!

To be honest, its been nice for some of us to have repetetive tasks to do to just take our minds off things. A lot of the mentors will come in and cover a few strips or assemble a few balls when they need a break, or the kids come in and help when they have nothing to do because they are waiting for another subteam or their mentor.

And for anyone that is wondering Black=Empty Cell, Camo=Super Cell, Red/White/Black=Moonrocks!

And we need to give some credit to the BeachBots for the 5-flat-one ring template! That helped our assembly efficiency quite a bit! :slight_smile:

Hey, what are you guys doing to make those??? Is there a thread that gives directions or could you just let me know. Sending me a message would work good too.

Check out the link for GUS Balls in my signature. I would normally just post a direct link but the iPod Touch doesn’t have copy and paste capabilities.


Those poor freshmen… :smiley:

I can see how making so many could drive em insane, but they’re freshmen for a reason =P

Ha! I wish! Everyone pitches in to make orbit balls! Students, mentors, parents and even a couple RIT students :stuck_out_tongue:

Truly a team effort!

Well they look great! Good job! I was kidding about the freshmen…

That’s pretty impressive. Maybe First could hire you guys. :slight_smile:

Hahaha. I figured. But thanks! The hard work will definitely pay off when it comes scrimmage time.

Very, very nice. Great team work & dedication to fabricate so many.

After scrimmage you’ll be able to use them as unique sponsor thank-yous or team recognition awards…who wouldn’t want a custom-made, team specific ball as a memento of this year’s game.

I seem to remember that one is supposed to go to some lucky CDer. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/32446 Is that still open?

Have you been a fly on our wall during our team meetings? :wink:

Yep! The best caption writer! Hey Kim! We need to remember to vote tonight!!!

Oh thanks for the reminder Cynette… hey its funny that I see you every night, yet we both seem to communicate on CD more than email!! :smiley: haha, for some reason I thought it was this weekend! My time flies!

I will take submissions until 5pm tonight, we will print them out and run votes after 5pm. SO much to do!!