pic: 527- fear the dragon!!


Say hello to team 527S 2006 robot. We can pick up balls, and either shoot them or dump them into the side goals. we can shoot from anywhere between mid court and the bottom of the ramp. We have 3 autonomous (autonomi?), the first one ( http://media.putfile.com/527--Autonomous-1 ), and the second one dumps the balls into the side goal.

p.s. Thats me in the back working on our animation :slight_smile:

this is the second autonomous. And this picture is a little old, it’s missing the camera, and a few other things. :smiley:

W00t!! We have an awesome robot :smiley:

Wow. Nice bot and coding! Ours (as of yesterday) just runs full speed forward and then turns full speed to the right and sits there. Of coarse thats not what we wan’t it to do, but when your programmers are only there three days a week… :ahh:

Nice robot guys!