pic: 533 goes down.

533 goes down and its red flag goes flying!

hello thank you for posting pictures, however that is not team 533’s robot could you please change that thank you.

Three issues:

  1. This is from 3 years ago. Does it really make a difference after 3 full years?
  2. I think he means the robot that is already flat on the ground. I can’t see the number (apparently this is from before the “standard practice” of putting numbers on bumpers). http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/24099 supports this view.

You could also submit a picture of 533’s 2006 robot (with bumpers, if it had them) for comparison.


Above is a picture of 533s robot it can be seen on the right of the photo.

after a quick look unless they changed there bumper colors then I don’t believe it is the same bot.

True. However, the superstructure looks similar. It could be that they changed bumper colors.

unfortunately The Blue Alliance archives only go back to 2007 for match schedules…so no help there.

This has to be the 2006 Long Island Regional as that is the only 2006 event attended by 329.

Match schedule is here:

The match should be Q69 due to 329, 569 and 1635 on the red alliance and 102 on blue.

So the robot on the ground is either 569 or 1635. 569 doesn’t have any bumpers on in this picture but the frame looks the same so I’m going to guess it’s them on the ground.

Match confirmed, as I can see 527 (blue alliance, flag hardly visible against frame) shooting.

It isn’t 569 on the ground, though. If you look at the superstructure that the red flag defending 527 is attached to, it bears a very strong resemblance to the superstructure of 569 on the linked picture. In fact, it looks like what’s on the very far right of the picture.

Robot down is 1635.

Yep good call, the downed robot looks like it belongs to 1635

Nothing like tossing a juicy problem to a bunch of engineers and have them analyze it to pieces ;>

CSI ain’t got nothin on you guys. Nice detective work. 2 hours from proposal to solution. Shows the power of distributed crowd sourcing.

Now, imagine doing that without the internet…

Has anyone tipped in 2009 yet?

I’m going to say no.

If you’re pushed, you just slide around. There aren’t any appendages, so you can’t be clotheslined by anyone or any part of the field.

If we use the Moon Fish hint as an example, your statement could be considered the understatement of the year. Look how far that one was “analyzed”. :rolleyes: