pic: 538 @ PEACHTREE


Sweet design on the ramps… Ours look just like that, only we are using a lot of phnumatics, so in order to conserve pressure, we used a barbie, and a gas piston to deploy, and lift ours. if you want to check out ours look at this link. http://www.soap.circuitrunners.com/2007/movies/gl/gl_047.wmv It worked very well, but we had a few issues with people getting up as you can see in the video, but we resolved it in the later rounds, and it should be all good to go for buckeye.

The blue curtain on the right is 1261’s pit backdrop, woooo.

In other news, 538, you had a nice robot, good job.

Also, that inspection box was ingenious…much better than trying to finagle a bot sideways into the box.

Yay! I remember your team!
The Dragon Slayers!
The guy with the blue paint on his face did a good job at passing out all your neat looking buttons…lol
You guys did a great job! Everyone did!
Hope you all had fun too!
Even though my teams not a rookie one, this was the first time I attended a regional! I had the best time ever! I cant wait to see you guys next year!

-Izzy (Team 1611)

Thanks what I love about the ramps is that robot is not all the way on us the can still get points because we 15" off the ground. I saw a lot team having problems at Peachtree because there ramps would sag and the would not be 12" off the ground.

Lol…Yeah I know…our ramp was a last minute idea and the guide wires on the side of our ramp made it difficult to climb onto…Next year we’ll plan a whole lot better! :smiley:

Arab. you guys were awesome as usual lol. Great job this year.

i liked being blue! i wish i had paint for it though lol we had to use blue hair color spray lol that was not fun

-Drew (Team 538)