pic: 549's t-shirt cannon and ballon inflator w/ horn

549 is building what we call a “show bot”. It will have a t-shirt cannon, ballon inflator, horn that toots the Dukes of Hazzard tune and also pneaumaticly rides a wheelly. Should look cool when it’s done. We’re also going to mount neon lexan all around. We just hope we can get it done by the end of the school year. Keep an eye out for us in the next month.

This looks sweet. I do have a question, will you have to manually load the t-shirts in, or will there be some sort of auto-loader mechanism? Do you think you guys could add an auto-loader? That’d be kinda sweet… :]

at this point it is a manual load but that is an exclent sugestion im deffnitly going to talk to my team about this. the good part about a non comp bot is there isnt a weight limit so we might be able to rig something up.