pic: 555 Deal?

Our gearbox that we are using for our roller. Questions, concerns? Yes there are two more where this one came from.


Are those two green plates free floating? and if not what is the significance of having them be slightly crooked?


Those plates would likely be screwed into their robot, to form a rigid frame for their ball collection roller to be connected too.
Also, so much for teaser, you just told us what it was in the description…
Keepin it simple.

i see teaser no where in the title or description. :rolleyes:


What motors are those? And what kind of reduction to you have from them? It looks like a single stage, but do those motors have attached planetaries?

Sick gearbox plates!

Maybe you are new to CD, but here, pictures are teasers.
intangible objects that tease you with their existence.

Umm no. This was never published as a teaser. I would know, we’re collaborative partners. When we (EWCP) post teasers, they are tagged as “Teaser.”

ChrisP, you can’t fool me. Tanto’s been on CD longer than you. I’ve been on longer than both of you combined. The vast majority of pictures posted here are not teasers. The ones that are are usually labeled as such.

As a matter of fact, I’d say probably about 1/3 to 1/2 of the pictures in the galleries are complete robots or event photos, and another 1/3 are Who-Am-I pictures. It’s just that this time of year, the vast majority of new pictures are teasers–and labeled as such.

My apologies EricH, i guess it wasnt a teaser :eek:


Those are the RS-555’s. We seemed to ran out of motors this year, we are using 11 of 13 motors. Well, almost ran out of motors.

Its a 3.7:1 reduction and there may or may not be a 2:1 after that via sprockets. We are using 19T gears and stealing the first gear out of the black fp transmission. I can upload the cad if anyone wants it.


I’m curious why you need both Mabuchi’s powering your roller? Have you done testing to determine you need that much available torque? In our tests, it was more of a speed issue than a torque issue. Have you had other experience?

Don’t get me wrong, it looks great. I’m just curious why 2 motors instead of 1.



I was looking at the torque of the motors and I decided to try one motor. After a minute of continous run with our setup the motor seemed to get very hot. Later on in the day we chucked two motors into the box and it seemed to run fine for about 5-6 minutes without heating up much.

Since we had the weight, we are using two mabuchi’s for our roller. We are also adding a heatsink/fan to keep them cool.



RC (and Collin),

Are you planning to run your roller constantly? Just curious about your concern for overheating.


We ran ours last night for about 20 minutes continuously just hooked up to a battery. Afterwards, it wasn’t hot at all. The application we’re using has the motor running at nearly free speed and the current draw is very low (measured at about 1.5 amp).

RC, That transmission has inspired me to make my own version of it for our robot.

While it might not be as pretty or as awesome as yours, it should still do the Job.