pic: 57 Five Weeks In

Five weeks in and all that’s left is wiring up pneumatics and CAN, finishing some plumbing, and a whole lot of fancy programming. Don’t tell anyone, but I think we’re actually going to make it to a scrimmage this year.


Does you shooter change angle? Also I’m excited to have 57 at the Week 0 next week, please try to make it.


It seems as though it does change angle as you can se pneumatic pistons bellow it

The two on the sides look to be for hanging unless they do both. I think there is a center post that might tilt it but it’s hard to see in that picture.

Looks simple and effective.

Any reason why those 10 point hanging hooks aren’t completely passive? Could save yourself a little weight and time at the end of a match that way, though I am sure your solution is already fast (and it’s a buzzer beater).

The center post is indeed the angle changer. There’s a 20:1 BAG versa at the base attached to a 1/2" 0.25 lead screw. Yeah, the 1/2" screw is a bit overkill, but we already had it and the nut in the shop.

We’re planning on shooting either from the far side or near side of the pyramid. For ranging and alignment we want to just run into the pyramid. A passive hanging system wouldn’t have allowed that. If the active system gives us any problems we’ll just bolt a passive hanger on.

The simplicity is thanks to designing and building within means. We graduated a lot of experienced seniors and had a lot of new students and mentors this year. Plus a lead mentor with a lot more time constraints due to a new son. So said lead mentor put some limits on what we could practically accomplish in our 6 weeks. As a result we’re going to finish with time to spare for practice this year.

That’s a nice clean design. I like how spacious it is. I almost wish we hadn’t had a 30" height restriction built in to our initial specifications, since it made finding room for all the electronics a bit of a challenge.

No floor loading? I wonder how many teams will make that decision work well, and how many will have problems with a floor-pickup-only design.

I do worry about the placement of your D-Link, though. It’s awfully close to that last shooter motor, and potential interference is an issue.

Floor loading wasn’t in the cards. If we added that system, we’d likely be wiring and programming in Week 7.

As for the radio, we can move it to the other side if it becomes a problem. You didn’t see electrical’s previous proposals which included buried in the nest of the main electrical board and just above the three Jags for the shooter.

What? No ramps this year? I thought that was a Leopard tradition…:rolleyes:

I suggested it in brainstorming, but then people threw things at me. Apparently there ARE bad ideas in brainstorming.


I’m really excited to hang out with 57 at the Week 0 scrimmage this weekend !

The design looks simple and effective !
I spy a lowe’s bucket under those leopard spots, we stuck with a home depot bucket for a while and eventually moved on to clear plastic sheet that works really well.

We went with a week 7 collector design that is still in the works ! So I can understand your decision in keeping things simple,

My first robot scrimmage was in high school at 57’s shop in Houston, times have changed

Looks nice Kevin. Sure wish you guys were coming to Bayou again this year. It’s hard to tell looking at the photo but are you sure your CRIO is isolated from the chassis? It sort of looks like it is bolted right to the metal bar. If so you might want to double check you don’t have a chassis short to ground.

It’s actually mounted on that Lexan, but I’ll admit I wasn’t looking close at the back side when they mounted the whole electronics board to the robot. I’ll electronics check that and work out a fix if it’s making contact or risking doing so. Thanks for the catch.

EDIT:I’m assured it’s an optical illusion caused by the angle I shot the picture from. The lexan sheet is a good inch or more away from that bar.