pic: 571 2004 new gearz..

We're into the two's this year, but there is 'one' most special feature of this design…
Our drivetrain guru Tom did a nice job starting from scratch in January.

one question are they both gonna be on the robot at the same time

yes. one for each side of the robot. they have output shafts on both sides, so that you don’t have to reverse the motor direction on one side of the robot in order to make them run in the same direction like you usually do. makes it run a lot straighter.

the extra output shafts on the trannies (the ones going towards the middle) power the winch. it should lift a little over (i think, but don’t quote me on this) 300 pounds? in high gear. that would be 600 in low gear. it goes quite fast, raises at 30 inches/second.

you can’t see the shifter, but its there. high gear is 14.5 feet/sec, low gear is 8.5 feet/sec

edit: check out the rest of the bot here

:edit: I see it is a drill and a globe sorry bout that

no, it is a drill and a Fischer-price

I’m impressed with the transmission. I’m just wondering how you know the plastic gears will handle the job. Because’ I’m all for the weight savings if they are strong enough.

they work because the plastic gears are only used for the gears right out of the motors. very low torque at that point, they should be fine.

after the UTC scrimmage we have now had good test with the transmissions and the plastic gears held up fine but for precautions we have modified metal ones to take there place