pic: 571 Operator Controls

The cooler half of our control board (i.e. my side :slight_smile: )

lol Elevator buttons-- that’s great.

If I was driving, though, I probably wouldn’t like them. Those symbols confuse me, and the three extra seconds it would take for me to figure out that “<>” means “open” and “><” means “close” might take away from my ability to operate the 'bot. Do they confuse anyone else, or am I alone here? Maybe I just need to ride elevators more.

Anyway, nice board.

dude, my dad is an elevator mechanic/inspector…
I still dont get the buttons! lol.

We thought about that for a while. We ended up deciding that the jaw should remain closed at all times unless one of these buttons is being held down. Technically these are both “open” but we couldn’t have one without the other…

I know somebody already said this but… ELEVATOR BUTTONS?! sweeeeeeeeet :smiley: :smiley:


That’s probably one of the coolest operator interfaces I have seen.

Good operators never need to take the time to read the controls. They have already learned perfectly which ones do what. There’s no real difference between joystick trigger and thumb switches and console buttons labeled <> and ><. You still have to practice and get to know them.

That is so kewl!
I like it.
One question… is there an manual over ride for adjusting between levels if needed?

As for the open and close buttons… I don’t see a problem. With enough practice your mind with get use to <<>> being open and >><< being close.
Just like a track hoe with the claw attachment :cool:

Yes - four of the red buttons are in “wasd” format with the center two (the w and s) as height overrides and the other two for left/right control. The other buttons are a secret until the Hartford regional.