pic: 571-Team Paragon 2005 trannys...

Well, our guru Tom Charney made 'em even smaller this year.
(Yes, they shift & can take two chippys each.)

Hmm, But what does the pc board thingy do? Mal Sehen…

Sweet, how does it shift?

Light, neat, simple!

You (of all teams) should know! Thanks.

Thought so! :wink:

I just did not want to come out and say “wow nice way to use ball bearings to shift” and not have it be so…

So what do you think about this method of shifting?

That PC board probably has to do with that hall effect sensor. I take it you use the hall effect sensor to determine how fast the tranny is going and when you need to shift. Looks sweet.

To add a little more info, each one weighs 5 pounds with a “chippy” and without the chippawa each one is i believe 4 or 5’‘x 6’‘x 1 1/2’’ thick

We decided to go against the bigger is better theory and go for our usual “If it still works it’s not complicated enough” tactic.

It looks cool!

The only thing worrying me is the piston. It certaintly does not look like a bimba-order-form equivalent. Not that it is a hard thing to change, I just thought I would give you guys a heads up before your first competition. If there is something I missed, please forgive me.

Otherwise good job!

Hi Travis-

I’m not sure what you mean by “bimba-order-form equivalent”, but the air cylinders are Bimba brand.


I think what Travis is looking at is the air fitting coming out the end of the cylinder rather than the side. I have never seen this before. Where did you get this clyinder?

Is that LAN cable I see? Or some sort of smaller equivalent?
Maybe phone line? But does phone cable come with a yellow jacket?

  1. Sandrag- the cylinders came from …Bimba.
    However thanks Travis - Indeed only the “DP” (clevis) end style cylinders are on the Pneumatics order form, so looks like Mr. Charney will go air shopping next week…

  2. Elgin - it’s not a LAN cable or equivalent … it’s HALF a Lan cable.
    (You can take a wild guess at what symmetric location the other half is)

Thanks for the good feedback everyone…

Good to hear. It really is just another hoop to jump through as the style you have really isn’t functionally better than the DP style. We are actually having to do the same thing as one of the pistons we were shipped (ordered the correct one from Motion industries) is also not the DP style. They are resolving the problem for us, but it brought about some last minute part fabrication to get the one we did have to work with the design that called for the correct style. Oh well.

Goodluck to you guys at competition!