pic: 571 Waiting for a Practice Round at WPI

I love this photo! I hope you guys can find a way to use it in something like promo material.

Really wishes there was a “like” button.

Dean’s angels? Cute picture, but random? With 6 permutations of the three logo pieces, 1 in six chance they were in this order when the urge to rest overtook the Paragon team. Unless this is the drive team; see the buttons? Those guys have to imprint this logo sequence. The universe is not right unless all the tubes in it are in the right order. Totally Kosmik Kharmic Kids!

Still a cute picture though.

Those aren’t buttons for the drive-team and human player. Those are emergency button pressors for when you have no paper-clip. (At Traverse City we used a drive-team pin to press the button when assigning an address to a new Jaguar to replace a dead one.)

Is that Zac??

Good luck guys!!