pic: 571's electronics lexan shell

Another pic on the empty shell before all the goodies are put inside!

I’m always a fan of lexan construction! :smiley:

How thick material are you using? How did you machine the lightening holes? How tight is the bend radius on the flanges?

Ah, the luxury of having space. I wish our team had that much area for the electronics.

We fabricated our entire electronics enclosure in 1/8" lexan :cool: . The holes are made with a variety of tools, small 1/2" holes are made with a step drill, the larger holes are made with hole saws, and other cutouts with a fine blade in a jigsaw ::ouch:: . The structural tabs are made with a pair of 3" duckbill vise grips and a heat gun :ahh: . As for radius, we didn’t really measure it, we just allowed an extra 1/8" of material when bending the tabs. The whole deal is pop riveted together to make it robust and keep it lightweight.:wink:

Good Luck to you and your team!

you need to post the almost done version and show them how busy you wire monkeys have been :stuck_out_tongue: the 571 you cut into it looks awesome!

Yeah, same here, usually the mechanical stuff is planned then we get whatever room is left. But, hey we make it work. :slight_smile:

And what a luxury that must be. I would love to have that kind of space on our robot. For the past three years I’ve been on my team it seems like the electronics space has gone from small, to smaller, to tiny. Yet somehow we always seem to make it fit. :slight_smile:

Nice looking shell though, I love lexan/polycarb electronics boards. This year we’re doing something similar, just on a smaller scale.

almost complete version here: