pic: 5742: The Best Team in B.C.

The Walnut Grove Gators, from Langley, B.C with their rookie season robot.

I am pleased to announce that the title of “The #1 FRC team in British Columbia” has been passed to the Walnut Grove Gators, of Langley, BC.

I am somewhat less delighted to announce that the title of “The ONLY FRC team in British Columbia” has also been passed on to them as well… but it is awesome to have a team in B.C. again, and I have really enjoyed working with them. One team is better than zero teams… which is where we’ve been since 1346 shut down.

Although they have a few things to finish up on Monday and Tuesday (signal light, some shielding… team numbers) this afternoon they stacked two totes and a bin, and started coding some autonomous.

They are competing in Calgary, so the robot is going to sit in its bag for six weeks, but FIRSTWA teams playing in Mount Vernon might have a few of these folks coming by their pits looking for some tips.

Way to go rookies! (You’re doing a heck of a lot better than 1346 did in our first year.) :slight_smile:



Welcome back to FRC, BC!!!

Looks great! What type of drive train have you guys got?

It looks good. See you in Calgary!

It’s the kitbot chassis, running 4xCIM to 6" AM wheels. Traction in the middle, omnis on the corners. The jump from 4" to 6" wheels gives them an edge in speed over the standard kitbot, and allows them to climb over the various platforms on the field.

In keeping with the theme of the game (and a rookie team’s budget!) there is a lot of recycled COTs stuff and raw materials from the team 1346 inventory on this machine. I think the van door motor on the lift dates back to '07 and the omnis are '06 and '08 vintage. It is definitely the least expensive machine I’ve ever been involved in building!

Unfortunately I won’t be joining them in Calgary this year, but I know they’ll be in good hands with some experienced teams to help them out if anything massive goes wrong.


Nice sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation but glad there’s still some remenants.

Always a big fan of new teams in western Canada. Looking forward to playing with you guys in Calgary!

I wish there was something like FRC when I was going to school in Vancouver. There were many talented students and teachers 40 years ago. I am sure there are more now.

Best of luck, 5742.

Take good care of them for me! I won’t be able to join them this year, but maybe some of your “rookie magic” will rub off… you guys had a pretty good first year in FRC, after all. :slight_smile:


Jason, either there has been a terrible mistake, or the old hockey sticks are in your with-holding weight. :wink:

Looking forward to seeing you and your new team!

Looking good!

If anyone stumbles into this thread looking to start something a little closer to the North Shore let me know…

A new team needs to find their own signature style. For 1346 it was only in our second year that we fell in love with plywood, and it wasn’t until 2008 that we added hockey sticks to the mix. A good style, like a good nickname, has to be discovered, or earned, rather than assigned I think.

Besides, taking hockey sticks to Calgary isn’t nearly as unique as taking them to Seattle or Portland… hmm… maybe they could take some fresh Tulips and Daffodils from the garden and have a little bouquet on the robot. They won’t be seeing many flowers in Calgary at that time of year! :slight_smile:

And Duncan… please feel free to track me down at any of our VEX events. I’m usually at the tech inspection booth in the morning, then pretending to be useful in the afternoons. We’ve got one this weekend (Feb 21) at Alpha Secondary, in Burnaby and the PNW Championships at BCIT on March 7. It ain’t quite FRC, of course, but there are robot teams in the city and on the North Shore that would love to have some experienced mentorship.


Absolutely, I just have fond memories of them and it came to mind. I’m looking forward to seeing what 5742 brings to the table. :slight_smile: