pic: 578's Rainproof Robots

Well… there is some kind of curse in the town of Fairport when it comes to the 4th of July Parade because once again it rained. But unlike last year where the rain stoped just in time when the paraders began to march this year the rain just wouldn’t stop coming down from the sky.

So without giving it that much thought our team just couldn’t help to get the robots to drive while it was raining out side. You would think that rain+2 running robots = blue lightning disaster. But incredibly both of our robots (KG-3 and KG-4) were able to run for the entire 2 hour duration of the parade with nothing but a build up of rust.

Not Bad! Make sure to check out the controllers. Our 2006 robot got a little wet in a parade lat year. It didn’t look like anything bad had happened until the controller wouldn’t drive servos hooked up to it, not giving them any power. One of our engineers took the controller apart and the entire inside was corroded. He managed to clean it up and getting it working again though.
Keep it up!

I think this should go in the inspirational photos thread…

That scene stirs up memories of the 2000 FIRST demo at the Jet Propulsion Lab.

I have said it before, and I will say it again - robots and water DO mix!!! :slight_smile:



We had the exact opposite happen to us this year. During the 4th of july parade here in Vegas (it was only 110) we went to swap out a battery and found that the plastic cover was totally warped and pliable. (not the one on the bot)

It happened because we were using the extra battery to support the controls on the back of the trailor. We learned not to always keep batterys cool…

I believe we took the battery to a pep boys and they disposed of it.

Our battery lasted us the whole parade (little over a mile) It gave out with about 100 ft to go…

Anybody have this problem? or similar??


haha, looks like that must have taken years to waterproof! :slight_smile: