pic: 5870 Intake plus mock frame

Finally finished at 11pm, electrical and coding happening tomorrow. 4 more days until competition. Pg71 runs 1:1 to spin intake wheels. Snowblower motor runs 3:1 ratio to allow for the entire intake to spin with over 180 degrees of rotation. If you got any questions id love to answer them!

Nice woodwork.
Extra points for Einstein joke.

Other than already having a PG71 in the KOP, is there any reason you went with the PG71 over the PG27? 70-ish RPM seems pretty slow for an intake.

Tbh we just found that out today. Idk what we’ll do we might just run with it since it can still pick up stuff. Ill see what other motors we have and maybe we’ll switch it

Ok, that’s fine. Though, looking at your setup, you may be able to switch out the belt and pulleys for gears, and increase your speed that way.

It wasnt a joke

Spelling error joke…
Unless they changed the spelling of Einstein now?!?!