pic: 5892: High Energy



Anyone from Texas have some background info on this team? :ahh:

Wow. That’s a really good rookie team.

I was super impressed by this team at OKC this past weekend.
While it seemed like they had a few issues getting things running with their bot, it was very apparent that they had huge potential if they could get it fully operational.

They are going to be really competitive once they hit their stride.

This is crazy impressive for a rookie team. Nice job. I’m quite curious how the second stage of that telescoping arm works. Care to provide any details?

Whoa, that’s one slick bot! I’m gonna guess that there’s some prior experience behind this team. Regardless, it’s still impressive. Nice job!

Andres & Rachel (previously from 441) started this new rookie team.
The Energy Institute High School opened its doors in 2014.

Inner city Houston ISD schools usually have a huge disadvantage in sponsorship, school support and resources.
However, the Energy Institute HS is breaking the mold and showing a new hope for Houston ISD.

Wow! Nice rookie robot! What is the wheel in the center for? Is that a shooter?

looks like a hooded shooter to me

Thanks for the comments guys! We’ve been working really hard this season.

The telescoping arms are 3-stage, and pivot to aid with overcoming obstacles and hang. It’s belt driven. Internal parts were made in-house on a mini-lathe, laser cutter, and 3D printer. We also included a custom PTO gearbox to convert the drive train into a winch for hanging.

We used a single-wheel flywheel shooter, with a hood. The hood is modular and the location and number of the slats can be adjusted as necessary. It also collapses to pass under the low bar.

We’ve been working out all the bugs and the system should be good to go for Lone Star next week!