pic: 5940 Wiring 2017

I’ve seen a few photos of wiring on here so I thought I’d post ours.

So I noticed that one of your tags is “lemon loaf”. Is this possibly the robot name? If so I finally figured out your profile picture.

I didn’t know WCP sold radios. :rolleyes: Though I imagine if they did they’d slap a Decepticon logo on there.


I mean we almost had a fist fight over that sticker and the compromise was to put it on the radio. Though now that you mention it a Decepticon sticker would look quite nice :wink:

Forgive my ignorance, but what’s that on top of the roborio?

It’s a wcp spartan board.

Very nice.

looking good guys. Although I would give some thought to turning the radio around. Routing the power cable is a lot easier than routing a CAT 5e cable.

I look forward to seeing what is going to go on top of this!

You do not have anywhere near enough Motors;)

You mean if 254 sold radios? :wink:

If 254 sold any parts I’m pretty sure they’d be sold out of stock within minutes of opening. Just slap the prefix “cheesy” onto any product and it’ll sell like crazy. Someone should try that… :rolleyes:

The way the talon wires are cut it almost looks like spider legs… beautiful wiring :slight_smile: