pic: 6 days and counting

With 6 days to the competition i think i am looking in pretty good shape. Tomorrow I am going to be drilling the mounting holes for everything, the slots for the wheels. I figure i will be fully functional by sun down tomorrow. Not to bad for 10 days of work.

looks vry cool…and somewhat small in that picure…is that a segway wheel i see in the background

I’m going to be on vacation during the competition, otherwise I would come up and check it out.

Good luck!

I see Pop Sci’s “Tomorrow’s Robot Army.”

Your not planing on taking over the world are you? :yikes:

That bad boy could do a real number on your shins…

http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/25391 I love when a plan comes into action.

It is soposed to be small, because it is in the 30 lb weight class. Yes you can see one of the wheels to my segway in the background.

Nice catch. That is the issue about robot for the military. Good catch, although I would never try to take over the world…or would I :cool:

Very cool, whats the total cost? And where did you get your parts cnc’d?

are those fisher price motors or the banebot standard motors?

Looks even better in real life than the Inventor drawing. Heh… looks awesome. Good luck.

Do you own stock in BaneBots? :wink:

Sick Greg…just plain SICK

Ummmm…I would rather not talk about how much this cost, but it was more then i anticipated.

I got the stuff cnc’d at work :wink:

They are banebot standard motors, although i have been debating changing the center wheel to a FP for torque reasons. The motors driving the wheels are 16:1 and the spinner is a 5:1


no but my experience with them again is another reason I really like working with them. They helped me out a bunch when i fell into a shipping bind and even found a cheaper solution. In my mind I think any FIRST robot I am involved in where FP motors are in the kit will have a bane bots transmission on it.

how do you plan to test this things destructive capability?..is some old robot going to be the voluntary cadaver?

Very nice machining! It is truly beautiful. :slight_smile:

It’s going to be tested on saturday at the competition…I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen? :rolleyes:

so how did it go and all?

No comment

Ask Greg :stuck_out_tongue:


Was Greg’s dad there taking video?

That bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well did things go badly as the last time Greg brought a battlebot to competition?