pic: 60 points on galileo

2 robots at 12" unfortunately the single match that we get that… but that was an amazing match… qualifying match 100… thanks to #123 and #2079

It was a great match.
You guys played great defense and you had the best rampbot.
good job and see you next year

A quick shoutout to 2079…this team dropped my jaw this year…they really GET what FIRST is all about, and the funny thing is, THEY’RE A ROOKIE!

A very competitive robot, and very friendly team members…ALARM, you guys rock…see you at the blitz

Brandon’s got it right about these guys!
They’re awesome, definitely a force to keep an eye out for.
Absolutely Rookie All Star winners hands-down. These guys GET IT!

(great ramp bot by the way!)

Team #2079 really rocks… just as i already said that was an amazing match, when we get to play consistently defense… and in the end mathc lift two bots that scored the needed to make the way for our alliance victory… both teams were possible picks if our team had get to the eliminatory… we were the next team to enter in the 8th seed when the first round of picks finished… it really was a pity…

for those who praised(don’t know if this is the right word… so i’m sorry if it isn’t) our bot… thank you all ^^