pic: 604 - A nice clean integral

One of our team members found a really clean integral for our team number!

By fundamental theorem of calculus… doesn’t this mean your team is only defined from 9 to 5? How do you get your robot finished?! :ahh:


Actually, I think they’re really defined from 5(PM) to 9(AM).


touche’. :o


I disagree, I think Qbranch had it right - 9 am to 5 am…:eek:

Wouldn’t it be 5 am to 9 am?

Of course not; we love working 20 hour days!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at it logically, though, one would use 24 hour time so you don’t have two y values for the same x value; else it would not be a function. The domain of the function MUST be 0 < x < 24, then (I see no modulus operator in there). 5 and 9 both correspond to 5 am and 9 am, but either in pm would be 12 hours later.

Only on CD would people debate calculus problems involving time and team numbers… :ahh:

…So then that means that the Thunderchickens only work from 8 to 9 am? They’re even more incredible than I thought!

No, that’s when they sleep.

5 am on 1/3/09 til 9 pm on 2/17/2009

You have a good point there, I concede…

Um, yeah…that’s what I meant!