pic: 610 - Coyobot VII

I am proud to present Coyobot VII (drum roll…)

This is by far the most complex robot 610 has built to date, and we have very high hopes for this year. We can heard balls, store 40 balls, dump them all, and shoot them all. As you can see we spared no expense in cheesing, at one point we were 142 pounds, and got her down to 120 without compromising any functions. We could have taken the easy road out and only had 2 CIM drive in our AM shifters but we feel that the extra drive power will save us some games in the future. She drives very nicely for a large robot. Our pick up rollers are driven by 2 FP in 25:1 gearbox's, and our back belts are driven by sprocketed globe motors.

I would like to thank everyone who help out this year, our mentor Dave Bawden (seen in the picture), all the teachers, and the large amount of alumni support this year.

Ah, what a very very fat…thing. However, I have a very important concern since I was down with the flu…

Where the hell is that yellow paint job I asked for?

Geez, I see so many of those gearboxes. Andy Baker must be a very rich man by now.

Pfft, I remember the argument went something like this:

Hmm, maybe we should get those gearboxes…
Well, they do cost quite a bit of money
Wait, they come preassembled and CADed?
Hand over the cash!

I thought it went like this:

Do they work?
Hand over the cash!

i like all the holes
how many balls can it hold?
how does it shoot?

It can pickup and hold forty (40) balls, spit them all back out into a corner goal or shoot 'em out from the back with the two big spinning wheels driven by a big CIM.

As for rate of fire, see here:

Great looking robot! 610 looks to have another contender here. I especially like the conveyor & lift system.

Well, no. This statement assumes too much. We are currently carrying an inventory that does not allow anyone to be rich (well… maybe our suppliers). We hope to break even again this year. Maybe in a couple of years things will get more comfortable.

On subject…

I am especially glad to see those gearboxes on 610’s robot. They had the worst luck with customs nabbing packages as things crossed the border. Their patience was impressive. I definitely look forward to seeing this robot and team 610 at the GTR.

Thank you,
Andy Baker