pic: 610 Coyobot VIII - Chassis View

Drive system: 6-Wheel, AndyMark 2-speed servo shifting gearbox. IFI 6" wheels
Arm System: Turreted with Globe Motor, telescope extension powered with Globe motor, main arm joint powered by 2 FP motors using the 42mm 256:1 BaneBots gearbox’s.
Manipulator: closing powered by pneumatics, joint powered by window motor.
Sensors: 3 encoders, 3 POT’s, 2 CMU’s, 6 Sonar Sensors, 1 Co-Processor

That looks good.

A suggestion to make the screenshot look a little bit nicer: Go to Tools Menu>Application Options>Display Tab. Under Active, uncheck Edge Display. That will remove the white lines on the model edges.