pic: 610: Electronics Board

A big thank you to our Energy Systems sub-team who diligently wired our competition robot late last week. This is the setup we will be going into competition with, however we are still missing a secondary board, which will house 4 more Jaguars.

Now that’s a cramped board!

So you guys have gone wide this year it seems. Are those McMaster Carr pneumatic tires that 1114 ran in 2010?

Nice work. I look forward to 610 robots every year. Doing any sweet jumps this year?


610 is constantly one of the most underrated teams in FIRST. Be careful, don’t forget about this great Canadian machine. Can’t wait to see the whole machine in action. Good luck this year.

Cant wait to see what you guys build this year, our 2012 robot is heavily inspired by your 2011 Drive-train.

Can’t wait to see you In GTR this year :slight_smile: Great to see that you guys are already so far on your robot. We just finished our chassis’ today. (yes that chassis is plural :slight_smile: ) I love to see your robot every year :smiley:

Now if only I could get our electrical group to wire things that neatly :rolleyes:

Nick: good eye! Those are indeed the 6" pneumatic wheels that 1114 ran in 2010.

Isaak: I’d love to see your drivetrain. There were some aspects I was quite happy with last year, and others I vowed never to repeat :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the kind words!

This robot is shaping up to be something pretty special. The students (and mentors, of course) have worked hard, and the quality of the product is starting to reveal itself. It’s a great feeling when you can look at the students, and see they have 100% bought in to meticulously cutting, stripping, crimping and labelling every single wire PERFECTLY. Even if it needs to be done over and over again until it’s right. It’s even better when the older students are nurturing that kind of culture amongst the younger ones, and holding everyone accountable.

That’s how you build winning programs IMO.

I think Canada is going to be a really interesting place for FRC this year…:smiley:

This year is going to be AMAZING! I can already tell that 1114 and 2056 arent for sure going to win the competitions. The competition level has risen so much in that last few years :smiley: I CANT WAIT!!!

Hey Team 610 great looking electronics, congrat’s…

One suggestion…
though difficult to see perspective in photo…

Appears AL angle on batt terminal side,
if conductive invites a direct battery short
if the tape on terminals wears thru from vibration
or unravels during competition – big time smoke and dead bot.

Suggest non conductive member to replace conductive
in this critical position… epoxy board, etc

BTW Kudo’s on floating Anderson connectors w/pigtails for effective vibration isolation
(hard mtg to chassis conducts mechanical impact trauma release scenario)

… RI looking to hasten inspection process, (& more free time!)

Thanks for the heads up Dale.

We saw the issue as well, and ended up also reworking all our batteries to turn the screw terminals facing inwards. There’s now much more clearance between the battery terminals and any Al.